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(no subject) [Oct. 24th, 2005|09:56 am]

its katies birthday today! yay!! hehe shes 18 woot woot! uhh this weekend had a blast w/ ryan! we went to millersville to see racine and kevin play water polo! i missed her so much! hehe uhh we watched amityville horror friday night @ his house. uhh we didn't really do much. o yea eagles won yesturday YESSSS dallas lost haha! lol good times of course @ the ingrams. me n mrs ingram got a lil to carried away. lol i <3 them! hehe uhh i felt pretty sick the whole weekend though uggh so ewwwey! but yea probally ahve a pop quiz in APES cauz thomas is cool like that. uh. nothing to do after school i'll prob go home n sleep! o joyous times man. lol

i <3 you ryan!
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2005|04:28 pm]
so its been a week. im really getting bad @ updating. i can't even remember what really happened this weekend.

well pep rally friday, was suppose to the the game // dance but it all got moved to sat cause of rain. so i went up to see ryan cauz kaela had todd up and i didn't feel like bowling. so i went up there and hung out w/ my precious lil baby and he was getting so good @ walking by himself i was so proud! welll RACINE and megan came home from college. so we met them for dinner @ red lobster @ like 8:30 and we didn't get outta there till like 10:15. so i just stayed over w/ the girlies! lol i missed her soo much we caught up n such. the next morning i saw ross n ty. ross looked pretty good the freshman 15 hasn't hit him yet. hah i went home n showered, then hung out marissa going to the mall then the game n dance. i didn't feel liek staying up late so i just went home n carly decided to come over as well. we went to bed like ASAP and slept till freakin 11. then i showered n went n got ryann we spent the whoel day together and he came to my grandparents w/ us to celebrate my dads bday. the car was funn w/ all the punch buggies haha and my dad just being funny. @ my grents i can't eat spaghetti w/o it getting ALL over, ryan laughed @ me. haha soo uhh my GREAT grandmother was like " i really like your boyfriend, hes so sweet and handsome " i was like aweee i like him too! lol shes the cutest old lady EVER. hehe soo then we left and i took ryan home and got home @ like 10 and did my nitrogen cycle then to bed.

monday nothing special happened, handed in 2 college apps! - forgot to leave a tip @ lunch, i felt bad, had jazz class man o man i was tired after. hmm yesrturday nothing really just dance again and hung out w/ ry, we had tacos for dinner. then just chilled @ his house when i was done dance. talked to mama raymond i <33 her.

today nothing to special happened. ry went back to the ingrams. im probally going to the water polo match, last one for the bulldogs :( and today after school i have to take frankie to the foot docs. and then do like nothing o joyous times i'll probably sleep and read for english, but other that that i have nothing to do.

i would just like to say that..

i love RYAN!

&& everyone have a great day! xoxo
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2005|10:23 pm]
[mood |tiredtired / worried]

so then uh nothing really else happened @ school today . i had a doc. appt after school again, then i came home. went to dinner @ the olive garden for my d addy's birthday, then my parents let us stop by the hospital to see my poor baby. well he actually looked good compared to last time i thought. his arm is in a sling, which is good he said his legs hurts the most. and he was feeling a lil sick from the meds. my ppooorrr baby! ah i hate seeing him like that, it makes me so upset. i just wanted to stay with him all night. but we had 2 leave @ 8 cauz visiting hours were over.sad times, so i said goodbye, which is always so hard w/ him! i didn't get to see his mommy, she left like 20 min before i got there. but i talked to her twice today so its ok! heh i love that lady, shes awesome!

eeeeek --- ryan just called me! he knows that it is so hard for me to fall asleep w/o hearing his voice. he sounds so glum, but i had him laughing.he got sick again..my poor baby..but he is whoa tired so i told him to go sleep. i <3 that kid so much! haha he just makes me so happy sometimes. so i didn't get to leave him a message, but i got to talk to him!! yay
but id just like to note about my previous entry that im proud of the work i did in that book, and yea its a nice book but im just disappointed w/ the errors and all the things that were changed and how our peers are not appreciating our work and they are commenting negatively about it.

but other than that im off to bed. night night
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(no subject) [Oct. 12th, 2005|01:34 pm]
[mood |worriedworried]
[music |please please please - head automatica]

so as i write this my poor baby is in surgery :( he has been in since 10:15 today. we talked this morning. i hope everything goes well for him.tonight after dinner w/ the family for my dads bday we are stopping by the hospital to see him. i <33 my baby

hmm so the yearbooks came out today. wow thats all i to say. there are SO many mistakes, its not even funny. we are getting so many complaints and everything. but i mean i wouldn't call it a "staff book", its more of the editors book, cauz she changed like everything, which was real cute.

mmm dance is so much fun i just had to note that its been amazing! haha alwayz a good laugh in my classes.

school is ok, hopefully most college apps will be done this week. just the letters of rec im waiting for. i read C's its so sweet! im also going to send my united way video cauz its so sweet! haha \

well im off to go look @ the yearbook, spicer n i were gonna tally the mistakes in english, but there were already 22 in the first 29 pages, way to proofread there editor..and you accuse me. haha looks like you need to that yourself.

love you so much baby!

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im happy.. [Oct. 2nd, 2005|06:57 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

mm i was just thinking about stuff while reading
somebody else's journal. and it really just came
to me.

the quote " you find love in the place
you would least expect it", or " don't go looking
for love cauz it will find you". and it just kinda
made me think...wow. i live by those quotes. i
mean i really was never one of those girls who
had tons of boyfriends, i had only really one
boyfriend before ryan, and know now that i
really wasn't in love with him. && im glad i
waited until the perfect person to fall in love
with. for the first time in my life i actually know
what love feels like. and its amazing. i didn't
think that I could ever feel like this. i always
thought that id grow old and be the single
person, but that now i dont know what my
future holds for me. im completely head over
heels in love, and i couldn't be anymore happier
my heart skips a beat when i hear his name, &
when i see him i get those butterflies in my
stomach. its amazing how we met, and how we
just kinda fell in love with each other? it was
almost kind of like an accident. i didn't go looking
for him, or even think that i could ever be with
somebody as amazing as him, and all it took was
one hello, for him to just reel me in like a fish!
and since the first night we hung out, i just knew
that it was right, n i just love that feeling of
comfort and joy with him. hes my sunshine on
my rainy days, and my only star in a sky full of
clouds. i really don't know what i would do without
him. its kinda funny how things work out like this,
i mean, God. he did this didn't he? he brought us
two together, or i would at least hope to think that he
did. 6 months, ago i didn't think i could be this happy,
that i could be this in love, that i could have somebody
so special in my life. but i do. and i don't know what i
did to deserve such a wonderful guy. i couldn't ask
for anything more in the world right now. life is just..

so i guess i just led off on a tangent right there
and i guess the only thing i really meant to say
was, dont go looking for something, because you
probably wont find it. you must let it find you. that
is the only way to be truly happy.

im now going to go write my paper. man o man

thank you so much ryan for everything you do! you are truly amazing baby. xoxo
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 2005|10:36 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |tv]

welll today is unofficially mine n ry's 4 month anniversary! yay for us, it has been the best four months ever, ryan makes me so happy, and we just have so much fun together no matter what. since the accident we really have been getting closer and talking alot more, which i love! hes just amazing and i couldn't ask for anyone else. :) love you baby

so lets see what has happened since the last update...
thursday was a fun time for SURE! hah well lunch phil
met me n marissa, and then after school marissa and
i headed up to Wilson for a polo match, which didn't
really start until like 7? so we just chilled and watched
the girls game and the jv boys, lol uhh well unfortunately
they lost to gov. mifflin. but it we had a freaking FUN
time @ friendlys w/ the ingrams and ryan! hah first
off having the new waiter, hah oo russel. lol then he
didn't know what a fanta was? mike has to be difficult
as always, and then just not knowing how to place
an order. well lets just say we were in friendly's for
like over an hour? and i was late to be home and i
to drop my car off to be inspected and then had to
take marissa home.

i came home and packed for my wonderful trip!
woke up @ freaking 5, and took a hot shower,
to just put on sweats, for the very long car
ride which i slept through, like the whole WAY!
got to SRU @ like 12, talked to ry @ the shore,
got some lunch, then did my tour thingy! i really
liked the campus and everything about it, like it
being a small townish! so we did all that and then
drove an hour to pitt. wow crazyness in the city! lol
our hotel was right on forbes ave. which was pretty
close to like everything! @ like 7:20, the fam n i
walked to the william pitt union where i met freakin
jeff cav!! and scuba n nitro. hah i was greeted w/
the standard...SNOWKWEEN! it was pretty funny
so then i had to walk ALL the way back to the dorm.
it was CRAZY! like 161 steps or something?! lol idk
so we just chilled and watched the pitt football
game as they lost horribly to rutgers. then met
rich and his gf, shes nice. wow college life is so
freaking sweet. just leave your dorm room open
and everyone just stops in and says hello, then
leaves. it was quite an experience for sure. haha

soo then this morning did the whole pitt thing.
total opposite from SRU. HUGE campus,
everything like spread out, and just big
everywhere! haha soo yea idk which i prefer
yet i still have alot of time to decided and all
that fun stuff. so after all that the 4 hour
drive home was lots n lots of fun. ha i slept
again. lol

now marissa is here, and we are just bumming it
im tired, and she had a very long night last night
haha i think we are just gonna chill and watch
movies.we are such bums. ive been living in ryans
sweatshirt. it smells like him..ahh amazing! hes @
the shore and i miss him. blah. and hes coming home
later tom. night. so maybe i'll see him on monday, if
he decided to be a sweetheart and chill in btown to
see mE! cauz he is amazing like that and would do that

soo yea chris morrel is calling and asking us to drive
to like nowheresville?! so yea we are just like uh no?
maybe sometime in the near future budddy! hah :)

ok later gators love ya lots

i love you so much ryan paul! xoxo
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(no subject) [Sep. 28th, 2005|06:40 pm]
soo im just sitting here chilling w/ my BABY!
we are so lazy, we just hang around and do nothing
im SO hungry i want dinner! mom is making
meatloaf cauz thats why ry wanted! heh awe
shes so cute! lol after dinner we are running to
the stroe so he can get ace bandages then
to his house to chill till his wonderfull mommy
gets home from work! it was her bday on
tuesday! i <33 mrs. raymond! hehe she
gave me a kiss today when she left for work
it was SO cuTE! haha she is the coolest
mommy ever! lol

mm so yea school was pretty boring today
i have a economics presentation on friday
but im not going to be there so i have to
give my group my stuffers! lol i have three
four day weeks in a ROW - as darling ryan
would say...uhh SWEET ASS! haha

mm but yea the rest of this week includes:
tom polo match w/ my darling marissa so
we can see the hot wilson polo team and i
can spend time w/ my wonderful amazing

then friday im visiting SRU followed
by a saturday visit to pitt! jeff
you must come to my hotel and find me
so i can see you dorm! haha fun times! lol

ok well dinner is like FINALLY
ready! so we are going to go
eat now! talk to you all you
kids later on! have a fun
weekend. later days xoxo
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(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2005|09:29 pm]
wow so like omg!

haha i love to see that people read this journal! lol makes me actually giggle a lil!

soo tom is wed! and thats my fav day
why you ask? um becuase i get to
see my wonderful amazing boyfriend
who i love SO much! we are just
hanging around doing nothing as usual.
but yea should be lots of fun! haa

today was an ok day. nothing
to exciting happened. me and
kaela marie are on remote __
freaking camera all week. ew!
but o well! haha i <33 tv O so
freaking much! lol i can't wait
to go to college and just learn
and stive in that field of work!

tonight was fun as well
me and my dance girlies.
paige.erika.kath. n me..
went to the east/west_
soccer game then went
to wawa and then i ***
dropped them off! haha
then got frankie and
headed home! to find nice
comments on my journal!
hahahahahah lol

i love you so much befferZ!

o and ryan....


- peace

ps. sara d is so sweet! ah i love heR hopefully she will go to pitt! hehe
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(no subject) [Sep. 22nd, 2005|09:51 am]
[mood |contentcontent]
[music |notta]

quickie updaterrrsss

uhh so lets see senior year has been pretty boring so far. dance has started yay! im so excited ths year! lol mm ryan and i are just peachy! o boy o boy do i love that child! haha he is seriuosly amazing times a jillion! haha

uhh going ot pitt next weekend im muy excited to visit thee and SRU~! hopefully i WONT see jess, but i reallllllly wanna see jeff freakin cav, maybe julie and josh?!

uh yea almost done college apps just need recomandations and so dome freakin essays! o joy

i love you all

apes test 5ht pd. Eww

happy fall

xoox bye

love you w/ all my heart ryan Paul
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(no subject) [Sep. 7th, 2005|01:52 pm]
in tv - decided to update this journal thingy! hah im a senior yay! lol school is amazing so far. ha its actually fun i got an A on my summer homework for APES so i was excited. ryan and i are totallllly AMAZING! hehe i love him sooooo much! haha

uh yea i love you kae hes dumb

ry came to lunch today! yay

last night was alot of fun @ the waer polo match..gooo wilson ! lol

hm yea everything is well i would say! lol can't wait tillll uhhh christmas!? lol yea carly was talking about her bday today so it made me think of it. no homework for me! yay! i looove no hmk

hopefully ry can eat dinner @ my house tonight! hehe

i love my friends...dance this friday woot

wow i just looked back and i haven't updated since freakin may 8th....BEFORE me n ryan!!! wow lol

summmer was amazing w/ him! lol was just 3 months :)
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